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A 3 months one-on-one transformative journey to let go of stress

You know this deep inside: you deserve the best for yourself.

You want to level up your mindset, take care of yourself by letting go of stress and bring balance and well-being in your life, career and relationships.


Let me tell you: Stress doesn't have to rule your life.

You have the power to make changes today!

Are you ...

- Feeling overwhelmed and stressed from your work?

- Struggling to bring balance between work and private life?

- Having a hard time falling asleep and feeling rested?

- Lacking energy and time to do what really matters to you?

- Searching for ways to reconnect to yourself and make yourself a priority ?

- Determined to let go of these limiting beliefs that get you stuck from taking action?

- Willing to take actions that will bring you energy and confidence?

Are you ready to become the Actor of your life, manage better your stress levels and work on your mindset, well-being to bring balance back to your life?

Let's do this!

I’m Clémentine

I’m a Mindset certified coach helping overwhelmed and stressed out clients to let go of stress, create a healthier work-life balance and feel empowered. Together we work on releasing your blocks and rewire your mindset so that you can take inspired actions and see REAL results.

In my coaching programme, we will focus on You as an individual. Each and every session is personalised to your needs, your personality, and your future vision. Together, we work on setting the path for you to confidently bring whatever you want into your life.


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3 months one-on-one programme to shape your new life



Effektive Aufgaben für deine kontinuierliche Praxis und persönliche Entwicklung



I know how this feels, to feel completely out of balance mentally, physically. 


To put yourself as second priority because you feel like there is more important things to do.


But the more you avoid taking care of yourself and pushing through, the more you feel stressed and unfulfilled. This does not only impact you, but also your relationships and other areas of your life. You struggle to wake up in the morning, you are irritable throughout the day, you feel exhausted at night and yet you can't sleep well. You feel like you are rushing through things and you don't have time to take care of yourself and do what brings you joy.


And you ask yourself, is this really how I want to live? 

You know it deep inside, the answer is NO.

You want to be able to better manage your stress and overwhelm, so that it doesn't impact negatively your well being anymore. You want to start taking actions that will positively impact your life and make you feel empowered to reach your goals.

This is possible. I've been through this.


In 2016 before discovering yoga and becoming a life coach, I was at a lowest point in my life so far. 

Stressed from work, dealing with heart ache, grieving the loss of a loved one, I was watching the days passing, feeling completely out of balance, disconnected, overwhelmed. I was spiraling in my negative thoughts doubting how things could ever get better. My negativity impacted many apects of my life including my relationship to others.

I was feeling guilty to be in this bad state because after all, I should be happy, I had a job, loving friends, I had nice place to live in. But the truth is, I was feeling so miserable and my body was showing me signs that were not lying: skin issues, tensions in my back and neck, sleepless nights.

One day it finally clicked. I didn't want to keep living this way.

If I wanted something to change, I had to start with myself first. 

And so did I, I started to work on myself and slowly build up my routine and new habits.

I worked on my mindset, on my beliefs and it changed my life, the relationship to myself, to others and to the present moment. It was so transformative that I then decided to become a life coach and yoga teacher, to help people level up their life, to become mentally and physically healthier, more balanced in their private life, work life and relationships.

Whatever your lifestyle currently is, you can bring transformative changes. 

I'm here to help you and provide you the support to do so.

Girl Running in Field at Sunset

After this programme you will...

- Be able to prioritize yourself without any guilt
- Stop procrastinating
- Be more productive
- Know exactly how to deal with incoming stress
- And therefore lower your overall stress levels
- Have a healthier work life balance
- Find ease to fall asleep at night
- Have overcome barriers to take actions

 - Feel confident that you can pursue your goals despite any arising challenges along the way
- Have built self-confidence
- Feel happier and lighter within


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Enhance your physical health for maximum energy and well-being.

Discover what habits are best for you and give you most energy and balance.
Through self-reflection you will be able to create your new personal empowering rituals, to support you throughout your journey and help you release physical and mental stress.


Get a strong mindset, let go of any blocks.

In order for you to let go of stress and thrive, we work together on identifying your limiting beliefs, blockages and rewire your mind to adopt new empowering beliefs. Everything we work on is based on your current goals and expectations.

Throughout our sessions, we may use NLP, EFT, powerful questions to help you rewire your mindset.


Deepen your self-connection.

Discover the power of daily spiritual practice to deepen the connection with yourself. Reconnect with yourself through guided meditation, journaling practice, gratitude and unleash the potential that lives within you.

What my clients say

Annette T


"Clémentine pays great attention to detail and asks the right questions to help me find the answers I'm looking for. She reads situations well and recognizes when I need some space to think between questions or when I need some extra guidance. Our sessions have helped me immensely with finding clarity in various topics that I had been previously unsure about. I really appreciate her kindness and calm personality, plus she has the best meditations!"

Maria P

"I’m deeply grateful for Clementine’s coaching, she’s an inspiring professional who has both the knowledge and the passion to help you grow and overcome any obstacles along the way. I found the coaching sessions with her very helpful and empowering, I got valuable insights on my personality as well as my way of thinking and acting. Despite the complexity of the topics we discussed, she helped me find effective ways to fight my battles, she boosted my self-confidence and helped me live my best life. Her ability to connect with you and to make you feel comfortable to open up and reflect, creates an emotional and powerful conversation, and the clear steps that come out of each session are great help to achieve your personal goals. I couldn’t recommend her more to anyone who would like to improve their quality of life in any sense."


Anaïs D

anais deleau.PNG

"My coaching experience with Clémentine was an inspiring experience, definitely positive to me. 
She asked me the right questions to make me realise my psychological barreers could largely be overcome and that things depends on me much more than I thought. Clémentine's approach is very factual and pragmatic, linked to our real issues and she understands very quickly our day to day stakes, and makes us work on it in her sessions.
I also really appreciate her regular and benevolent follow-up.
Efficient, close to the field, relevant, I strongly recommend!"


Rise and shine through yoga and coaching

​Clémentine Evrard

+41 (0)78 402 40 50

Bern, Switzerland

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