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My story

When the mindset shift began

In 2015, after completing my Master in Intercultural Marketing and Management, I arrived in Switzerland and started working in Marketing for a Sports Company.

I had everything to be happy, and yet...

2016 was one of the most challenging moment in my life. Despite having an amazing job, living in a beautiful country, I struggled to find my place and had to soon face life changing events.

I was watching the days passing, feeling completely out of balance, disconnected, overwhelmed and stressed from work. I was spiraling in negative thoughts, feeling unhappy and completely lost, doubting how things could ever get better and my own body started to show me signs it was too much.

Early 2017, my world shattered a very great friend of mine passed away and I suddenly realized that life could end at any moment.


That was a wake-up call.

It all starts with a decision for yourself

Little by little, I looked at the areas of my life where I wanted to see changes and started to take actions in that way.

End of 2016, I discovered by chance yoga. Little did I know how profoundly it would impact me in my transformational journey. It lead me to do my yoga teacher training in Bali and became in 2019 a yoga teacher. As of this moment, my intention was to share the invaluable gift of yoga and empower others on their journey.

Through yoga, mindfulness and gratitude practices, I was able to find inner balance, to reconnect to myself and the present moment and navigate the challenges arising in my life.

In addition to that, I started to set myself new challenges, to develop additional skills and expand my curiosity that would turn out to be key in my personal and professional growth.


The cold, my warm friend for a strong mind

Fascinated about the connection between the mind and the body, I discovered the Wim Hof Method back in 2018 and since then, the ice cold baths and breath works have been a huge part of my personal growth journey and mental training.


When I found myself for the first time in front of a bath tub filled with hundreds of ice cubes, I first thought to myself, what the hell am I getting into ?!

But dipping into this 0 degree water was one of the most mind-blowing and empowering experience I ever had.

In 2019, I had the chance to meet with Wim Hof -the Ice Man, during the Swiss Ice Challenge. On that week end, it became even more clear how powerful our minds are. We challenged ourselves on levels I had never imagined so far: From standing 20 minutes barefoot in the snow, to hiking 90 minutes by -5 degree in nothing but hiking shoes, shorts and bras and finishing the journey an ice bath in Caumasee... I was truly blown away, carrying with me a deep sense of empowerment.

When you start working on your mindset, you can achieve extraordinary things.

Your only limits are the limits you place in your own mind.


The path to Coaching

My passion for personal growth kept growing, I had the opportunity to be coached on several occasions and could notice how powerful and impactful coaching was. With the wish at heart to keep empowering people and help them grow on their journey, I started my Coach education in 2020 with The Clique Academy and became an ICF-accredited Certified Life and Mindset coach in 2021. That coaching journey was deeply transformative, helping me challenge myself, work through my blockages and connect with like-minded people who would empower me on my personal growth journey.

Since 2021, I have been coaching many clients on their transformational journey and I am so grateful I have been able to accompany them throughout several weeks, or even months on their journey, to see them grow, evolve and take inspired action steps towards their goals.


The Challenges never end, you will have to ascend new mountains

In 2022, my Life got shattered again after an accident in the mountains early February.

After getting lost in the mountains during a snowshoeing trip and being rescued by the REGA, my body started to let me down. Out of nowhere, I started to have double vision. Hospital trips after hospital trips, I was feeling completely clueless as nobody was able to figure out what was going on with me.

Later on, it seemed pretty clear that my body had had too much, from a very near Burnout, plus this accident that came on top: the body and mind could simply not deal with all of this anymore.  

A few months later, I had to face completely new battles, as deep hidden and repressed trauma started to suddenly resurface. Faced with GAD, overwhelmed by PTSD from sexual assault, leading me to experience horrible nightmares and flashbacks, I was very low, one more time. But the unconditional support from my doctors, my friends, and my wish to work through this have helped me immensely in my healing journey.

This is a message of Hope. Remember...

Life will keep throwing at you new challenges.

Life will keep challenging you. 

Life might painfully ground you to the floor but you don't have to stay this way.

You can rise up again. You can heal, You can grow, You can develop resilience. 

I have Been there, I know exactly how this feels.

Will you ever forget what happened to you? No, this is part of your story. 

But every day you can take decisions to write the new Chapter of your Story.

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