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Coaching Clients Testimonials

Business development, self confidence, reduce exhaustion
Hannah and I worked together over several months to focus on her business development. Through coaching, she was able to reduce exhaustion, reconnect with her emotions, and develop self-trust to continue growing her business while maintaining self-care practices. As a result, she successfully expanded her client base without burning out.
"My experience with Clementine was nothing other than a high degree of professionalism and expertise. I honestly couldn't recommend her highly enough. I personally started my own business a couple of years ago now and have had coaches in the past. But I have definitely had the best experience so far with Clementine's style of coaching. I'm a bit of a logical brain, so Clementine's coaching really helped me tap into my feminine side. It allowed me to embody the confidence I needed to take my business to the next level, as well as gave me the self-trust that I could take on more clients without burning myself out. After each session, I would feel lighter, happier, and ready to take the next step in my business. Thank you Clementine for the space you hold - I wouldn't have been able to take the next steps if not for you!"

Hannah Richards, Finance Consultant

Leadership skills development, work life balance
Annette started coaching to tackle difficult work challenges, enhance her leadership skills, and improve her work-life balance. Through our work together, she gained the confidence to address team conflicts more effectively and foster better communication within her team. Additionally, she learned to prioritize her personal well-being, leading to a more balanced life.
"I've had many coaching sessions with Clémentine over the last 2 years and they've been invaluable in helping me navigate stressful work situations and achieving a better work-life balance. It brings so much clarity to have someone ask the right questions. Sometimes it's also great to just have someone listen with a neutral opinion and help me work through things. Clémentine is very nice and a great listener and I'm very happy I got the opportunity to work together with her."

Annette Tanne, Scrum Master

Stress management, career reorienting
Laura and I worked several weeks on stress management as well as career reorienting. Through coaching, Laura gained insights and strategies to effectively manage stress while exploring new career paths and opportunities.
"Thank you so much to Clémentine who has helped me with my personal challenges. She has great listening abilities and gives great insights. She has shared with me tools, guided me with examples, exercises and was always adjusting to me and my needs. I could see each week the progress I made thanks to discussing with her. These sessions have been helpful because the tools and techniques can be used in many situations. I continue using them when needed. I highly recommend Clémentine as your coach !"

Laura B, Project Manager

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Time management, productivity and stress management
Together, we addressed her time management challenges, empowering her to prioritize tasks, overcome procrastination, and regain a sense of balance in her life. Through coaching, Joanna developed practical strategies to manage her time more effectively, better deal with stress and feel more confident to move forward.
Joanna s client picture

"The coaching sessions with Clémentine brought me a lot. She knows how to listen to you, guide you in your thinking and provide you with the keys to real development. I felt like an actor in my own development. Clémentine is a gentle and strong woman, she brings you the serenity you need to see yourself beyond what oppresses you. She supported me in taking back control of my environment, not in a spirit of domination, but so as not to suffer from what was around me. In summary, these sessions allowed me to find my balance to move forward and face the challenges of a hectic daily life with confidence. I can only recommend!". 

Joanna Sezol, Phd student in Archeology

Stress regulation, work life balance
Anne-Kristine and I concentrated on stress regulation and achieving a better work-life balance. Coaching helped her navigate her high workload with more ease and prioritize her well-being, leading to a more harmonious balance between her professional and personal life.

"I have been coached by Clementine during this spring/summer 2023 and that has been very useful and empowering for me. 


For me, Clementine has turned up as a true and genuine coach. She always listen carefully to my reflections and worries and she always respons with good inquiring questions in return. She holds the space, and her kind, peaceful and friendly appearance makes it easy to lean in and explore what`s going on in work and life and how to deal with it.


I have absolutely no worries recommending being coached by Clementine. She truly wants to help you reach your goals". 

Anne-Kristine Adanes 

anne kristine.jpg
Confidence, overcoming fear and procrastination, business development, grieving
I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be coached by Clementine! She creates a strong coaching container with compassionate listening, trusting guidance, and gentle reflection. Her skillfulness as a coach had allowed me to openly explore my aspirations, goals, challenges and fears, and to gain the meaningful insight that allows me to move forward in my business and personal life. 


She has supported me with a range of topics: clarity in the direction of my business, confidence as a coach, moving forward after a change in relationship, overcoming fear and procrastination, and more. 


She invites me to take the time to get to know myself, in loving-kindness and acceptance. She invites me to discover the hidden wisdom and knowing within me that are puzzle pieces to moving forward. 


After session, I commit to the actions steps we create in session and move closer to my goals. I am clear on the steps I am taking in to business. I feel confident in my expertise. I feel healed after my deep grieving. I move through fear and procrastination with self-love. Clementine offers accountability outside of sessions, a gentle check-in and celebration of what I've accomplished. I feel deep peace, confidence and excitement in my business and my personal life thanks to Clementine. A treasure to have a coach that feels like a best friend who is advocating for the best in me!

Ruth Li

Professional development, goal setting, motivation

"I enjoyed my coaching sessions with Clementine who is a very good listener and makes you feel comfortable and at ease from the beginning. She gave me the space to share my thoughts and feelings about my beliefs, background and lived experiences which I appreciated. Clementine asked me questions that got me to think deeper and raise new awareness about myself and my life. These new insights helped me take inspired action from a place of knowing what motivates me to set my goals and how I could work towards them. She is empathetic, caring and passionate. She helped me move from a place of feeling stuck to one of joy. She also uses future-focused solutions which helped me envision my future life and how I could make it possible. 

I would highly recommend Clementine to anyone who wanted coaching sessions whether it is about life, their career or business. 

Thank you"

Nazlee Mayhew, Business Owner and Coach

nazlee m.jpg
Work-life balance
"My coaching experience with Clémentine was an inspiring experience, definitely positive to me. She asked me the right questions to make me realise my psychological barreers could largely be overcome and that things depends on me much more than I thought. Clémentine's approach is very factual and pragmatic, linked to our real issues and she understands very quickly our day to day stakes, and makes us work on it in her sessions.I also really appreciate her regular and benevolent follow-up.Efficient, close to the field, relevant, I strongly recommend!"

Anaïs Deleau, Consultant

Setting and maintaining goals, work-life balance.
"The coaching sessions with Clémentine helped me to better organize my days, be more disciplined, and be more focused on my priorities. In the coaching sessions, I could safely explore what my priorities are and how I can support myself in reaching my goals. Clémentine is very supportive and encouraging, having a true desire to help you reach your goals. She gave great questions, was tuned to me, and was fully focused on helping me. I also enjoyed her soft, gentle, and welcoming voice. I highly recommend Clémentine's coaching. Thank you a lot."

Hana Buchalíková 

Perfect hour is when the sun is near to
"I’m deeply grateful for Clementine’s coaching, she’s an inspiring professional who has both the knowledge and the passion to help you grow and overcome any obstacles along the way. I found the coaching sessions with her very helpful and empowering, I got valuable insights on my personality as well as my way of thinking and acting. Despite the complexity of the topics we discussed, she helped me find effective ways to fight my battles, she boosted my self-confidence and helped me live my best life. Her ability to connect with you and to make you feel comfortable to open up and reflect, creates an emotional and powerful conversation, and the clear steps that come out of each session are great help to achieve your personal goals. I couldn’t recommend her more to anyone who would like to improve their quality of life in any sense."

Maria Papadopoulou, Marketing & Communication Manager

"As soon as I met Clémentine I could feel her warm personality shining through, which helped create the safe and open space for me to feel comfortable to share. Clémentine's coaching helped me to move forward and take action. Thank you Clémentine for all your support, you are amazing ❤"

Catherine Langford

Perfect hour is when the sun is near to set. I just played with my lens and the shadows_ed
Man in the Mist
"I had five sessions with Clementine, and every time after the session, I felt very good about myself. The clarity I gained after each session was amazing. Clementine is exceptionally skilled at touching on deep feelings and opening up deeper levels of conversation. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarity and solutions by exploring their inner self. Her ability to connect on an emotional level and facilitate profound insights is truly impressive." 

Gurcan P.

"I’ve had weekly coaching sessions with Clementine over the past month. Her coaching has been invaluable, helping me to navigate lots of life changes and starting a new business. If you’re looking for a professional coach who is calm, compassionate and supportive, then I highly recommend Clementine."

Kathryn Hill, Entrepreneur

Coaching Client Kathryn
Perfect hour is when the sun is near to set. I just played with my lens and the shadows_ed
"Clementine's coaching is remarkable. Clementine works diligently beforehand to prepare the sessions, ensuring high quality! I greatly appreciated her kindness and positive energy. Clementine offers guidance in a serene atmosphere. I learned a lot about various subjects such as impostor syndrome, limiting beliefs, and self-affirmation. I succeeded in replacing the use of 'we' or 'us' with 'I.' This evolution helped me become aware of my professional and personal skills, my central role in certain situations, and ultimately enabled me to value my own contributions. We are all learners, so don't hesitate to dare to 'learn' with Clementine's gentle guidance."

Audrey M

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